1533 Dragon Street 

                                                              Dallas, TX

Artist Statement


Liz Barber is a distinguished contemporary artist known for her light-infused paintings inspired by “the ocean and water in general,” according to the artist. “I grew up right on the ocean in Massachusetts and it plays a huge role in my work.” She also captures the changing seasons of her native New England with incandescence and a soft palette of colors.

“I pour colors onto the canvas and watch what happens, intuitively editing and adding in a manner similar to the impressionist mindset,” Liz explained. “There is, in me, a constant attentive awareness to create light within the work through color pairings and interactions. I am projecting an emotional response to my surroundings. A moment is captured not as a pastoral landscape; but as the glow of light or movement of forms. My tendency leans to the calm, soothing organic application over the vigorous brushstroke.”


    For her method, Liz described it as varied. “I use ink, gouache and watercolor to begin a piece,” she said. “These can be manipulated and moved around as I form the idea of the painting. I also use graphite and oil pastel as drawn elements. I love to use mark making in the painting as a resting place for the eye. And to add diversity from the very organic shapes used in my work. Translucency is created in many ways and is usually the result of great experimentation. Water and mediums are added to the materials to ‘see what happens.’ I then use hard edges in oil paint to edit finding the gems in the underlying layers.”

Liz studied painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, and now lives in Georgia. She has been commissioned by The Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas, The Beverly Hills Hotel and Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. Recently Archbold Hospital acquired 14 paintings for their new healthcare facility in Thomasville, GA.

Liz's work is showing at Keyes Art, East Hampton, NY; and has also been exhibited at the following venues among many others: Jules Place, Boston, MA; Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA; Addison Gallery, Delray Beach, FL; Atrium Art Gallery, Charleston, SC; Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, MD; and  Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM.



Addison Gallery

206 N.E 2nd Street 

Delray Beach Florida 33444



Atrium Art Gallery

                                           61 Queen Street

                                     Charleston, SC  29401



Jules Place

1200 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02118


Pryor Fine Art

764 Miami Circle

Atlanta, Ga 30324


Christopher Martin Gallery
1533 Dragon St 
Dallas, TX 75207

Merritt Gallery

88 Village Square

Baltimore Md, 21210


Anne Loucks Gallery

309 Park Avenue
Glencoe, Illinois 60022


Corporate Commissions

Sibley Hospital                        Washington, D.C.

Mayo Clinic                              Jacksonville, FL                              

The Four Seasons                    Atlanta,GA

The Ritz Carlton Sarasota          Sarasota, FL

The Cove Atlantis                       Nassau, Bahamas                      
Beverly Hills Hotel                      Beverly Hillls, CA
Yale Hospital                              New Haven, CT
​Wailea Resort                            Monkapu Beach, HI
Archbold Hospital                      Thomasville, GA
Cosmoplitan Resort Casino       Las Vegas, NV
Athero Genex                             Alpharetta, GA

Solo Exhibitions

Christopher Martin Gallery    2020         Dallas, TX

Addison Gallery                     2020         Delray, FL

Studio Montclair                    2019         Montclair, NJ

Pippin Contemporary              2018         Santa Fe, NM

Umstead Gallery                     2016         Cary, NC

JF Gallery                                2016        Marietta, GA

Thomasville Center Arts         2014         Thomasville, GA

Huff Harrington Fine Art          2013         Atlanta, GA

Gregg Irby Fine Art                 2008         Atlanta, GA

Rutledge Street Gallery          2001         Camden, SC

V. Reed Gallery                      1999          Atlanta, GA


Group Exhibitions

Keyes Art                                           2019              Sag Harbor, NY

Addison Gallery                                  2015-2018    Delray FL

Pippin Contemporary                         2015-2019     Santa Fe, NM

Pryor Fine Art                                     2015-2019    Atlanta, GA

Jules Place                                         2013-2019    Boston, MA

Scope Miami                                      2015              Miami, FL

(Untitled Projects Los Angeles, CA)                                                   Marietta Museum of Art                      2014             Marietta, GA

Palm Beach International                   2014             Palm Beach,, FL Spotlight on Art Trinity School            2014-2001    Atlanta, GA

Huff Harrington                                   2014-2009    Atlanta, GA

The Story of the Creative                    2013            Long Island City,NY Columbus Museum               2013             Columbus, GA

Thomasville Center Art                       2014            Thomasville, GA

Saks Fifth Ave Gallery                        2011            Atlanta, GA

Thomasville Center Arts                     2011          Thomasville, GA   

Huff Harrington Fine Art                     2011-2013    Atlanta, GA

Gregg Irby Fine Art                             2009-2000   Atlanta, GA 

Studio Montclair                                 2008             Montclair, NJ

Valdosta State University                   2008             Valdosta,GA

Swan Coach House                           2007             Atlanta, GA



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  • South Carolina Homes & Gardens   November    2000                    

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